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Saffron Walden


Persimmon Homes



Scope Of Work

With us receiving the site as a green field this enable us to make an immediate start as the Principle Contractor on site, this was undertaken for an 8 week duration.

Once our appropriate welfare was established we commenced with the topsoil strip which was stored on site in designated stockpile areas totalling a volume of circa 2,500m3 for reuse back into the final scheme.

Access to site was created by the installation of the onsite roads and the associated drainage, the drainage was slightly more complicated by it having to be installed parallel and with final connections into existing 300mm & 225mm dia drainage runs which required manholes to be built over the live systems.

Finishes to the Carriageway consisted of HRA Macadam, standard Brett Omega block paving, Permeable Brett Omega Flow block paving who’s run off was stored in onsite attenuation crates and then subsequently discharged back into the existing system via hydrobrakes.

The foundation design was an traditional strip foundation design which then received 7N substructure blockwork and facing brickwork, due to the difference in levels on site there was considerable underbuild and tanking works required. 

The oversites were a ground bearing slab design which received a glass-like power float finish ready to have the final floor finish to be applied directly onto without the need for further remedial or betterment works.

The external finishes consisted of a Dense Surface Course to the private and shared driveways and Buff Riven paving slabs to path and patio areas.

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