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Dimora Homes



Scope Of Work

With the development being a former leisure facility the site was received as a ready piled demolished brown field site.

On commencing works the first operations was to ensure the stability of an existing banked site boundary. The extent of this ran 70m and the solution was to install temporary and permanent sheet piling, this was then fronted by an RC retaining wall retaining heights of up to and exceeding 2m, water proofed on the rear of the wall with a free draining backfill material installed, the surface water run off then was carried into the proposed drainage system through perforated pipes.

Following the retaining works the reduce level dig to get to the underside of formation to the ground bearing slab was commenced, this entailed the dig and disposal of over 1000m3.

Forming of pile caps, ground beams and lift pits followed with the proposed under slab drainage which was then finished by the ground floor slab which was formed in 4 separate pours using a PAV2 concrete. As per the engineers details, the slab itself was made up from numerous expansion, contractions and crack induced designed joints.

Walls columns and the podium deck then followed which consisted of circa 430m3 pumped RC35 concrete and circa 70t of reinforcement. The podium deck received a power float finish and Omega Channels were cast insitu to facilitate the end build.

Additional to all of the above the design, supply and installation of the PCC staircases we carried out by ourselves.

250m2 of 80mmTegula paving was installed at the site entrance along with a bull nosed profile kerb, for the residents parking over 1000m2 of EcoGrid 50 was installed which received a shingle infill and was bordered by en EF edging and for the path entrance to the units a 450x450 Saxon pavior was installed given a hi specification finish.

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