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Persimmon Homes



Scope Of Work

With another contractor going into receivership we were approached by our Client to take over this development and seeing it through to completion.

The initial challenge that we faced was a number of completions that were required leading into the last few months of 2019, all of which were achieved without any being missed, this set the precedence for the balance of the site to be carried out on time and to the high levels of quality that is expected from us.


For the balance of the roads the surface water drainage ranged between 150mm dia to 450mm dia clay and concrete pipework at varying depths along with the associated manholes constructed in both precast concrete rings and brickwork.

Where the surface water discharged into swales and existing ditch lines these terminated using Precast concrete headwalls with varying methods of flow controls via hydrdobrakes and flap valves.

To form the swales over 1000m3 of excavation and re-profiling works was carried out all of which was finished off and with 300mm topsoil.


The foul water under the carriageway was the typical 100mm & 150mm dia with the outfall being managed via a pump station.

The pump station comprised of a wet well that was 3m diameter and 5m deep this was accompanied by value chambers, kiosk and aerial bases with the compound area being finished with a concrete slab having a brushed finish.  


The carriageways installed were made up from a mixture of Macadam and block paving all of which spanned an area of over 5500m2, were it was bordered by Macadam finished footpaths covering circa 1800m2.

Over and above the onsite roads there was off site improvement works to be carried out on the existing carriageway, alterations and extension to box culvert sections with its associated headwall, the upgrade of a highways footpath and the relocation of an existing bus stop with its associated kerb line.


For the domestic groundworks this consisted of traditional foundations with the installation of substructure brick and blockwork, these were finished off using a Thermal flooring system with a polyfibre entrained screed.

All shared and private driveways received a block paved finish and the paths and patios showcased a riven slab with either a buff or red finish depending on the house brick colour.

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