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Chesterwell, Essex


Mersea Homes



Scope Of Work

We are tasked with the main adoptable drainage works for phases R16 & R17 at the prestigious Chesterwell development.

During our 18 week programme, we’ll be installing more than 1,000m of adoptable drainage, reaching diameters of up to 900mm and depths of 6.0m.  

To tackle the site's extensive groundwater, we're using the innovative Tracey Concrete PERFECT BASE™—a custom-made, watertight, monolithic benched concrete manhole system.

This project involves backfilling with over 8,500 tonnes of imported aggregate.  Our rigorous material testing ensures compliance with Highways Authority standards.  Additionally, we’re installing a bespoke Marshalls Civils & Drainage Weir Wall chamber, complete with Hydrobrakes. This 3.5m diameter chamber is so substantial that we’ve had to notify the police for a wide load movement!

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