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McCarthy & Stone



Scope Of Work

The project is sited on an disused car park and covering an area of circa 2000m2 all of which had a tarmac running surface to it which all had to be broken out and removed from site after it had served it purpose for use as a piling mat, the boundaries had to be retained due to the split levels with the adjoining property using temporary sheet piling.


Following the removal of the macadam from site 228no piles which were installed by others had to be broken down to the correct level and prepared to receive 83 No pile caps and 2 No stair cores, these vary in dimension but generally were 1m in depth, following these we the ground beams that interlaced the caps together were formed with a linear run of circa 500m.


Once all of the beams and caps were cast the 4 storey structure plus the roof started to be formed out of the ground with the footprint of the building taking up the majority of the development.

As part of the build over 2300m3 of concrete and 350t of reinforcement were used within the concrete frame accompanied by 2 separate flights of precast concrete stairs at either end of the building.

The attenuation of the surface water was via a tank with a holding capacity of 84m3, this was discharged into the existing drainage systems by way of flow control units.

Off site improvement works had to be made with a realignment of kerb lines to the existing site entrance as well as resurfacing works all of which were carried out under traffic management approved by Highways.

The external finishes to the parking areas were of macadam construction, delineated with white lining, paving was installed using a buff riven paviour and the topsoil was imported and compliant with the relative British Standards.

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